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June 27, 2016

Although mosquitoes have a small bite, they are a big threat to public health. Fight the bite by destroying these 10 mosquito breeding sites.

1. Dump water containers — such as buckets, planters, dog water dishes, and other containers in your yard that may collect stagnant water

2. Clean roof gutters — keep them clear of leaves and dirt so they don’t get clogged and hold rainwater

3. Check window screens — make sure all windows in your home have screens in place — repair any holes or tears in screens

4. Repair pipes — check and repair all leaky pipes or faucets on your property

5. Empty birdbaths — change the water at least once a week

6. Maintain swimming pools and ponds — keep them well maintained, pools covered when not in use, and ponds stocked with fish which will each mosquito eggs and larva

7. Drill holes in tires and wheelbarrows — dispose of old tires or cover them to keep water out, plus drill holes in the bottom of tire swings and wheelbarrows in order for water to drain

8. Clean up children’s toys and baby pools — don’t let water sit in baby pools while it is not in use and pick up children’s toys to keep them from collecting water and enticing mosquitoes

9. Cut the grass — keep the lawn cut short and trim vegetation away from the house to eliminate cool spaces where mosquitoes prefer to hang out

10. Monitor catch basins and storm drains — contact us if you suspect that mosquitoes are coming from these sources near your home

Black Diamond is always here to help our community members fight the bite! For more information on our free mosquito property evaluation and Preventative Mosquito Service (PMS), visit or call 877-DEAD-BUG (877-332-3284).

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