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October 3, 2016

For many people, some of the best parts of autumn include pumpkin spice lattes or the sound of leaves crunching, as well as getting out those fall decorations to warm up their living space. From scarecrows to pumpkins and gourds, the beginning of October is the best time to gear your home into the yellow and orange-hued spirit and to get it ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Unfortunately though, some of the staple fall decorations can attract insects and other pests to your home.

When bringing those boxes out of storage, it is best to keep them outside while pulling the decorations out, if possible. Pull everything out of the boxes while outside and dust the decorations off while also inspecting for any living insects and critters. Doing this outside will allow you to check the decorations for pests that may have been hiding out all year long without giving them easy entry into your home. Some of the specific decorations to thoroughly inspect include straw piles, scarecrows, and firewood.

Popular fall plants, such as mums, may also attract some particular pests to your property.  Also keep in mind, pumpkins and gourds were once living plants! These in particular may attract flies, squirrels, and rodents who enjoy snacking on them. It is best to purchase artificial pumpkins and plants to prevent enticing these pests onto your property.

Another popular pastime for the fall includes bonfires and s’mores. If you plan on stocking up on the firewood and storing it in your yard, keep the piles at least 20 feet from the exterior of your home.The further you are able to keep firewood piles away from your house, the better! Also try to keep the wood piles elevated from being directly on the ground if possible. Direct contact with the ground invites rodents and insects to use the rood for cover! Keeping the wood piles away from your house will be the best means of prevention from drawing termites, carpenter ants, and other destructive pests to your home’s foundation.

After the Halloween candy is gone and the stuffing recipe is stowed away for next year, the decorations will also be taken down and put away. While the scarecrows and wooden pumpkins are once again patiently waiting in boxes until next season, they could again become the home for unexpected insects and critters. One of the biggest tips you could follow in helping prevent these pests is investing in more sturdy plastic containers with lids. This will give the pests a more difficult path to infesting your fall decor which ultimately will prevent giving them easy access to your home next year.