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No one appreciates uninvited guests… especially when those guests are bed bugs. If you’re traveling this season, don’t bring home these tiny pests whose idea of a tasty meal is, well, YOU.

Whether you’re staying with loved ones or at a hotel, there are a number of things you can do to help eliminate the possibility of bringing bed bugs back to your home.

  • Before taking luggage into a room, begin your inspection. Examine any upholstered furniture, the curtains and the carpet. Be sure to focus on the seams and any dark corners where these bugs like to hide. Remember, you’re not just searching for bugs, you’re also searching for fecal spots (which look like tiny felt tip marker dots) that signify their presence.
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  • While you may be tempted to tuck yourself into the covers of your well-made bed, remember that snug as a bug is a well-known saying for a reason. Pull the covers off of your bed and inspect them and the bed thoroughly. Check the mattress and box springs paying special attention to the seams, behind the headboard, and anywhere else the bugs could be hiding.
  • Once you bring your luggage into the room, place it on a table or another piece of hard furniture that is off of the floor. If you want to be extra careful, store your luggage in the bathtub, on the bathroom countertop, or bring along a plastic trash bag and keep your luggage safely enclosed during your stay.
  • When you return home from your trip, immediately place all clothing into the dryer and let them tumble on the hottest setting for 30 minutes.

If you follow all of these tips and you still find yourself fighting an infestation, don’t worry. Black Diamond has you covered. Simply dial 877-DEAD-BUG, and we’ll have your bed bug problem eliminated in no time.

Wishing you safe and pest-free travels!