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Did You Bring Home Unwanted “Gifts” During the Holidays?

January 6, 2022

Unbeknownst to many gift givers and receivers, the holidays are a prime time for unwanted hitchhikers who use them to sneak inside and get a foothold for infestation. As we’re often quite busy with shopping and merrymaking, we may not notice these uninvited pests until they’re well established. You might not believe it, but everything from roaches to bed bugs can hitch a ride on the items we spend so much time choosing for loved ones.

Even the most thorough of us can easily miss a well-hidden pest, as they have a knack for hiding where they’re not supposed to. Bed bugs in particular are masters at riding undetected on clothing or fabric of any kind, using their small size to squeeze between cracks and crevices in search of their next meal. Bigger bugs like roaches are just as easily missed, and one fertilized female tucked away inside a present can grow and multiply in your home after mere weeks.

Unwanted guests ruining your New Year is a nightmare to be sure, but don’t worry! Our experienced pest control teams can handle any stowaways before they start your year off on the wrong foot.

Why Do Pests Travel with Us?

The idea that tiny intruders can use us as free transportation is unnerving, but for them, it's simply the best way to get around! We can take them to vast distances they would never travel otherwise, and they get to beat the cold by using the warmth from our homes and bodies. Some insects, like bed bugs, actually use us as their primary means of travel. With so many people visiting relatives and moving about in winter, they simply take advantage of the commotion. Occasionally the pest will travel with us by accident, but the results are still the same. Your home will become their home if they get comfortable.

Signs You Brought a Pest Home

Unless you spot them straight away, you typically won’t notice these new “guests” until they’re rather well-established. For roaches you will start to spot them scurrying about or hiding in hard-to-reach places, though this may be fleeting until their numbers build up. Parasites like bed bugs will bite to drain blood, and if you don’t catch them squeezing back into your mattress, you may notice the red bite marks in groups of threes on your skin (though many people do not suffer the allergic reaction their bites induce, so you may not notice these pests until there is a full-blown infestation). Every pest has a unique way of giving away its presence sooner or later, but if you want to be proactive in your pest control, Black Diamond can assist with that, too!

Preventing an Infestation

Routine preventative services for your home or business are the best way to enhance your defenses. Black Diamond offers a number of different ways to be active in your fight against pests, from monthly to quarterly pest Prevention Plans. With these services, you’ll also have the added benefit of a well-trained technician routinely on your property so they can easily spot potential problems and suggest a plan of action before an infestation gets out of hand.

Handling an Infestation

Even with all of our best efforts, these little nuisances often find a way to get in and find a foothold, multiplying and creating a mess in the process. When that happens, don’t panic! Black Diamond is always ready to quickly eliminate any size problem, and we’ll do so safely. Give us a call at 877-DEAD-BUG today!