If you strive for a pristine lawn and well-managed landscape, it is extremely important to have effective pest control and maintenance. Once any species of lawn pests take over your yard, it is synonymous to saying goodbye to plants in your landscaping as well. The best method in preventing this from happening is to prevent lawn and landscape destroying pests. Some of the most common lawn and landscape destroying pests that are a threat include chinch bugs, grubs, aphids, mites, and more.

Take action and put a system in play that will help prevent these pests in your lawn, and you will be able to avoid the unwanted and uncontrollable pests from roaming and affecting the nearby plants in the landscape. The following are some tips to follow in order to help prevent lawn pests:

  1. Clean up your yard. If you don’t clean your yard regularly, you will continuously encounter problems with pests. A messy and cluttered yard will provide the available water, food, and shelter that pests need to survive. Begin by draining any standing water, as well as discarding piles of leaves and sticks that are scattered throughout your yard.
  2. Mow your lawn. Keeping your grass short should be part of your routine maintenance in your yard. Short and well-maintained grass will help prevent pests from finding harborage in your lawn. In addition, be sure to trim your bushes back to ensure less places for them to hide.
  3. Get rid of rocks. Whether it is for decoration or naturally there, rocks create a place for pests to crawl under and hide. Under the crevices is not only a great place for pests to hide, but also for them to create nest and mate.
  4. Secure your garbage. Another yard pest control tip includes completely securing your garbage cans with secure lids when you leave them outside. This will help prevent pests and animals from getting in, as well as from the creation of standing water inside.
  5. Hire the professionals. If keeping your lawn green and weed-free and doing yard work is too daunting of a task for you personally, no worries! Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Black Diamond. No job is too big or small for us. Beyond just pest control, we offer year-round turf maintenance, grass killouts, grass aeration, power-seeding, lime applications, mole and chipmunk removal, landscaping services, and more!

As mentioned, for a more active way to get rid of pests, you can put Black Diamond’s lawn and landscape (link) services to use! Call 888-DO-MY-YARD to get a free evaluation on your lawn’s health today.