A recent consumer survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals suggests the majority of Americans lack basic knowledge about how to properly care for and maintain their lawns. With this insight, consider leaving the job for the lawn care professionals at Black Diamond. Our regularly scheduled and year-round applications will provide the overall benefits your lawn needs to thrive. The following are additional ways that professional lawn care services will improve your daily life.

1. Save time and money.

Surprisingly, lawn care can SAVE you money. Considering the upfront cost, maintenance, and storage of lawn care supplies, the cost can add up quickly. Plus, don’t settle for mediocre over-the-counter products when your property can receive golf course grade products at an affordable price. Also, consider the time gained when freeing up the time you spend on your lawn. Let us take care of it so you can get back to enjoying your weekends!

2. Do it for your family and the environment.

When kids are out of school for the summer, you can most likely find them playing outdoors in the grass and with their pets. During this same time, your lawn is endangered to everything from drought to pests, such as moles, chipmunk, grubs and other insects, that can get in the way of your child’s play time. Also, healthy grass is a natural filtration system. Greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide are your lawn’s primary food sources, so both are greatly reduced by the presence of a plush and healthy lawn.

3. It’s all in the details — increase curb appeal and appearance.

According to a 2013 survey, the National Association of Realtors reports that 71% of homebuyers think curb appeal is an important factor when choosing a home. A healthy and well-maintained lawn adds to your home’s appearance and increases everyone’s first impression, whether it be a potential buyer, neighbor, or visitor.

Your lawn relies on a regular schedule of lawn care service to receive the nutrients it needs to achieve a thicker, greener, weed-free lawn. Regular lawn maintenance helps maintain and prevent further issues in the future. With Black Diamond’s 75+ years of experience, we promise to bring you quality customer service with guaranteed results.