Mistakes can often be fixed, but you’re better off just trying to avoid them in the first place. Landscape design mistakes are quite common, so it is important to educate and prepare yourself before taking on a major landscaping project. Below are some of the ten most common errors when it comes to landscaping projects, but we’d say the top mistake would be not hiring Black Diamond’s Landscaping team to make your project smooth, easy, and exactly what you want in the first place!

Mistake: Forgetting to make the design functional.

A big issue that comes along with this is not having a plan for your landscaping project from the get go. The biggest and overlooked mistakes can easily be avoided when everything is planned and laid out beforehand. Solution: Sketch out your layout or better yet, hire a landscape designer. Black Diamond employs a full-time landscape designer that will provide digital photos of your project before it even begins!

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Mistake: Not setting a budget.

Not having a clear budget or even worse, underestimating on your budget, can cause a lot of shock after the project is complete. Landscaping projects and plant costs, in general, can be pricier than many think. Solution: Having a budget (and sticking to it!) can make for a much more pleasant and less shocking experience. When Black Diamond is working for clients, we are willing to work with a large variety of budgets. We want to do the job right and with no surprises in the end, so we do appreciate when our customers come to us with a budget upfront!

Mistake: Neglecting the front yard.

Many homeowners will tend to spend more time in the backyard and forget about the front. Do not forget about curb appeal! Solution: Even if you spend less money on the front, make the front of your home attractive and inviting to guests, as well as to potential future buyers when you sell your home. The grass in the front lawn is important, too! Consider implementing Black Diamond’s year-round Turf Maintenance program on your property.

Mistake: Not using appropriate irrigation practices.

Many homeowners will make the mistake of over-watering, both their landscape beds and their lawn. Solution: Use timely watering techniques as the best time of day to water the lawn and any plant is in the morning. Buy a sprinkler with an automatic timer to reduce waste or even consider installing an irrigation system on your property.

Mistake: Placing trees and shrubs too close to the house (or pools, decks, and patios).

Remember that trees grow. Overhanging limbs can damage the roof or attract wildlife to your home and spreading roots might damage the foundation. Planting them too close to pools, decks, and patios can also threaten the structure of the elements. Solution: Be sure they are planted several feet away from your home so their limbs won’t rub against your home as they grow. The same goes for shrubs!

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Mistake: Either using too much or too little color.

No color can create a landscape with too much green or a sense or dullness whereas too much color without a sense of harmony can also be an issue and become a distraction. This takes us back to having a plan for functional design! Solution: Before choosing plants, be sure to have in mind the palette you would like as well as which colors work well together. Repetition and harmony in a landscape will go a long way. Our landscape estimators and full-time designer can also help you in this process!

Mistake: Picking the wrong plants for your landscape.

Just because a plant is ‘pretty’ does not mean it actually belongs in your yard. Many things must be considered when choosing plants, such as soil conditions, light or shade, as well as what is going to work best for you. Solution: Know your yard and learn what to plant and when and also how to fertilize. Research what works best in really hot sunny spots versus the more shaded areas.

Mistake: Not accounting for wildlife.

You could accidentally plant a buffet rather than a garden if you do not consider the animals and pests that reside around your property. Solution: Plant the greenery that critters hate! There are certain flowering plants that may attract deer, but be sure to plant bitter-tasting plants among them. Also, consider building a small fence with chicken wire to keep our rabbits and other small animals that may be attracted to eating from your garden.

Mistake: Making the landscape bigger than your efforts to maintain it.

When you don’t plan for garden maintenance and all of the efforts it may take to keep it looking pristine, it could completely waste your time and efforts of creating a landscaping plot in the first place. Solution: Make a schedule to keep up with the maintenance of the landscape. If the maintenance is not something you are able to handle or make time to do on your own, hire Black Diamond! We are a full-service landscape company that offers everything from design and install to annual, bi-annual, or even monthly maintenance!

Mistake: Overlooking the exterior lighting and hardscape.

A big mistake many will make is only thinking about how their house and landscape will look during the day. Also, don’t forget to add architectural pieces that will make your space functional and link with the house. Solution: Make a full plan that includes outdoor lighting and any hardscape, such as a trellis or patio, that will make your landscape pop! Black Diamond is a full-service company that can install lighting, plus our construction division can build any hardscape imaginable!