Bed Bugs are Dead Bugs
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Guaranteed Elimination
We are so confident in our ability to eliminate your bed bug problem that we offer an unprecedented bed bug elimination guarantee. Our services include evaluation, preparation, treatment, and follow-up.

Want to learn more about bed bugs? Check out our bed bug FAQ!

Mia in ActionEvaluation

Our highly trained bed bug inspectors will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home to determine the presence and/or extent of bed bug infestation and an appropriate course of action. Unlike most companies, our technicians are singularly dedicated to the art and science of bed bug elimination so you can be confident that you are in some of the best hands in the industry.

Black Diamond's professional bed bug inspection team is bolstered by a number of bed bug sniffing K9s: Bugsy, Zach, Louie, Lilah, Brinley, Maverick, Rowdy, Sarge and Sammie. They are internationally certified and are capable of sniffing out the slightest of bed bug infestations. If you are uncertain if you have bed bugs in your home, a K9 bed bug evaluation may be the best option for you. Learn more about our bed bug K9 team here!

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Bed bugsPreparation

The success of bed bug treatments is predicated upon a skilled technician performing services in a properly prepared environment. Often, homeowners choose to prepare their homes for bed bug treatments; however, our technicians are available to assist in the preparation process. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and that the treatment process will be as effective as possible.


Black Diamond offers both heat and chemical treatments performed by only thoroughly trained specialists who are committed to solving your bed bug problems. Our evaluator will discuss the treatment options with you during the evaluation and help you determine the best fit for you. Read more about these options in our Bed Bug FAQ.

Bed Bug BitesFollow Up

Bed bug infestations can take a toll on a person's emotions and personal security. In order to assure elimination and help restore normalcy to your life after an infestation, we schedule follow up appointments with our bed bug treatments. This ensures that our treatment was effective and allows you to move beyond the infestation.

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